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Faithful for years, you never stop touching us in the heart.

Many thanks to everyone!

Thank you for the attention, care and delicacy that you bring to your work, I received my tunic within an exceptional deadline given the circumstances; Thank you and take care of yourself. Magali Y. France

Ouhlala that I am happy Awesome I have already received my wonderful dress. Thanks thanks thanks. I love too much. What about all the little details? We feel that fairy fingers and experts have been busy with meticulousness. 1st custom-made dress, especially for me, I am overwhelmed with joy. And this surprise! The matching mask signed by my creators, I have no more words ..... careful packaging and a little more just as touching, a small branch of lavender, the good perfumes of the south ... In short, that of love, kindness, professionalism that fill us in these moments of confinement. Everything is like in a dream! I promise, I'll send you pictures and as soon as I go down to Provence, I stop to say hello. See you soon. Cathy S. France

Hello ! I just received my package and I am super happy. The panta is beautiful and the t-shirt too. I will be in your region on Sunday 27 going to Uzès and the region until October 5 inclusive. Do you think it's possible that the Coachella dress will be ready by then and I could pick it up in store instead of receiving it in the mail? Thank you again and cordial messages. Anne Marie M. France

Hello sebastien, A big thank you for your quick shipment. I am very happy with my purchases (as always) See you soon for the new collection. A very beautiful day Christine Christine P. France I congratulate you on your responsiveness during this terrible period in which we are living and your will to "exist". You are French designers and you have to support yourself. What you do is beautiful, it's a fashion where you feel good, free, and yourself. I found you, met you at the Salon des Créateurs in Toulouse and I am under the spell: your fabrics, your colors, your imagination in the creations ... it's so beautiful. And, on top of that, you are super kind and helpful. I am far from you but I order from you with confidence and if necessary we can speak to each other by messages. That's great. We love you. Marie Jo P. France

Hello Sébastien I received your package today. The pieces are perfect. Thank you very much for your great service. Greetings Gabriela Gabriela B. Switzerland Hello, Thank you for the correction on the sleeves which were too narrow. I received it in return. Sorry for the time taken to get back to you. Cordially. Christine J. Switzerland

Dear Sébastien, I thank you with all my heart. I just received my clothes. They are superb !!! I am really delighted. I wish you and Isabelle good sales in summer and excellent "vacation" Many thanks See you soon Anne Anne D. Belgium Hello, The spencer has arrived and is impeccable. Thank you also for the fabric mask. Good day Joelle R. France

Hello I received my order, everything is perfect and thank you for the mask, it's a nice touch. Have a nice day and see you next time Sylvie B. France

Hello, thanks for the clothes - as always it is very chic. Thank you very much, have a good time and see you next time. Cdlt. Ingrid H. Germany

Hello to the team of the artisan designer! I have received my order (and the gift, thank you!) And I find the skirt very beautiful and perfectly fitted. Thank you ! Sincerely, Valérie R. France

Hello I have received my package with a little surprise that touched me a lot. Thanks for the mask. Good luck to you soon. Marie Helene D. France

A big thank you for the package received yesterday containing petticoat, mask, so many delicate attentions very appreciated I do not fail to come back to you, in particular on the subject of the apron ... make the most of this unique "period" .... Sincerely, Colette R. France

I have received my order, I am delighted. Sincerely, Pascale Pascale B. France

Hello Sébastien, Thank you very much, I just received my package, everything is super pretty and goes perfectly. And thank you also for the pretty mask it's really a good idea I will reserve it for my Craftsmen Couturier outfits !!! I wish you every success with your new store. I received my order and am delighted. The materials are magnificent, the cuts superb and the finishes perfect. And thank you Sébastien for your precious advice. Anne Marie M. France

Hello, I received my package yesterday. The dress-jacket is superb. Thank you for your work and for the mask. Very nice Regards Anne B. France

Good evening, I received my apron yesterday and waow! It is splendid! Many thanks for the sprig of lavender which smells so good as well as for the little surprise, the fabric mask, which is welcome in these current times. Thanking you again and don't forget to continue to protect yourself well! Nanny S. France

Hello Sébastien, Parcel well received. Thank you for the care with which you have so carefully prepared and packaged this order. Thanks for the mask ... I think I will keep it for life ... It is symbolic. Thank you for the sprig of lavender and its efluves ... Thank you for this tunic so light and so "aerial" .. It fills me. Thanks for giving your best. Beautiful end of the day Magali C. France

How not to fall in love with all these wonders, everything is so romantic, chic, unique, a real talent, I fell in love without hesitation Christina Cristina C. France

Delighted to have picked up my custom made selection. What happiness these materials and these cuts !!! Bravo Sebastien Thank you for the welcome. See you soon Beatrice Béatrice B. France

I visited yesterday, the store is just great !!!! Happiness. Christy L. France

Good evening, just to tell you that I received the package right for my birthday. And I love it all. Thank you again and well done for your great work. I look forward to seeing your new site so I can see your new creations. Thank you again for your trust and continue to create wonders. Juana M. Belgium